"Steadfast as the concealed dagger of Humanity."

Yaksha is a multi-cultural, human-centric, self-funded organization founded by Jai Nasir and his family.  Informally known as the Human Resistance, its goals are simple, if ambitious:  To protect and preserve humanity's future by any means necessary, even if it means resorting to violence.  The entire organization runs on a mentallity of, "100 die so 1000 may live,"  and every member is ready and willing to die in the line of duty.  Although small, with no more than 200 active members, Yaksha is remarkably well equipped, largely thanks to strong black market ties.  Yaksha combatants specialize primarily in wetwork (infiltration and assassination).

True to its standing as "humanity's concealed dagger", the organization is not well known, even amongst humans.  There are no symbols or banners, just a goal and operatives.  This was intentional; done to prevent investigations carried out by non-humans.  Despite this, Yaksha grew to some prominence after the crew of the Lady Mercury abandoned the HOA and joined the organization at the behest of Tabitha Nasir.