XM-14 (Experimental / Model 14) is the HOA designation for the Thanaton M-438 Vector Dart Thrower, a weapon designed for use by the R-540 Wolf Spider.

The Vector Darts fired are like hypodermic needles, and are designed to penetrate soft body armor.  Once they impale into a surface, a small cap at the tip breaks, and a toxin is injected.

The XM-14 was designed from the ground up for infiltration and wet work.


The XM-14 is a small weapon, barely large enough to fit around a person's wrist.  Its design is similar to that of a gatling gun's, utilizing multiple barrels that rotate around a central axis, allowing for a faster rate of fire at the cost of some bulk.  It has six barrels, and uses compressed air to launch small, hallow darts at high velocities.  It is semi-auto exclusively, but has a potential rate of fire of 1200 rounds per minute, essentially meaning that it will fire as fast as one can pull the trigger.  The weapon is fired when two pressure plats on either side of the weapon are hit simultaneously.

Although impotent out to middle range, the weapon is deadly within a few meters.  The compressed air makes the XM-14 practically inaudible.  The Dart Thrower can hold up to 12 darts before a reload is needed.  The reloading process can be quite lengthy, as each dart must be inserted individually, similar to a 20th century revolver.

The XM-14 fires the specially designed Vector Darts, small, hallow, hypodermic needles.  The darts are commonly filled with some kind of toxin, which is held under high pressure inside.  Once the dart embeds into a surface, a small and fragile cap at the end of the needle breaks, and the toxin is released into the body.  Despite their size, the darts are surprisingly strong, and can tear through soft body armor with enough energy to embed into flesh.


Throughout the XM-14's life span, several different toxins have been used to kill targets, with varying results.  Ricin dissolved in an unspecified liquid was the first known toxin, and it was used to assassinate Warlord Balshr.  Over 30x the lethal dose for humans was used.  Among ricin were cyanide, potassium, and even King Cobra venom.

Camaje is steadily gaining recognition, and was used during the failed assassination attempt on Samentea.