The Vale of Life, also called No'ra:Tsu'chi (Omorran), Ak!to-aar (Taik), Folava Dra Mek (Kexs), and Zdra Nolo (Magolian), is a very small region in the Milky Way galaxy in which all known sentient life exists.  Beyond it, the galaxy is believed to be barren, or at least void of intelligent species.  The Vale is roughly 1800 lightyears in diameter, and at its literal center is The Compositor.  This has led to tremendous amounts of speculation over The Compositor's true function, the most common hypothesis being that it can generate life within a radius (although for what purpose is another matter entirely).

The Vale of Life has been tied to numerous spiritual beliefs, and most modern religions center around its existence and purpose.

Places of InterestEdit

The Vale of Life, as represented on cosmic maps, is split into four quadrants.  Each quadrant contains various places of interest, among them:

  • Earth, the human home world, is located in the South-Western quadrant, near the center of The Vale.
  • Sha'ak:ka'ee, the Omorran home world, is located in the South-Eastern quadrant, and is closest planet to the Vale's center.
  • Keerat and Deruuk, the Taik and Kexs homeworlds respectively, are located in the North-Eastern quadrant, and are located near the edge of the Vale.
  • Rugura, the Magolian homeworld, is located in the North-Western quadruant.  It is the only habitable planet in its region.
  • Mu, a large human world, is located in the South-Eastern quadrant.  The infamous Disano Impact Site is located here.
  • Julana, a Kexs jungle world, is located in the South-Western quadrant.  It is just one of six active Keeper Worlds.
  • The Compositor, a planet-sized machine of unfathomable levels of power, is located at the very center of the Vale.