UAS-2530 (Unidentified Armor Set, Model 2530) is the official name given to Elliot Brunn's signature set of armor.

Very little is known of UAS-2530.  It is based heavily on Taik technology, to the point where it is cored with Valule ivory.  However, it has been extensively modified to better fit on a human.

Reportedly, Elliot rarely ever dons this armor.


The origins of UAS-2530 are a complete mystery.  No one, aside from Elliot himself, know how it came to be.  Taik armor is notoriously difficult to acquire, and modifying it to any extent requires specialized tools available only to the Taik.  Even Elliot, who was raised by the brutish species, would experience tremendous difficulty in getting the proper equipment.  What is known is that the armor was built around the year 2530 (hence its designation). 

Elliot seldom wears this set, relying instead on more basic armor that permits greater mobility (such as flak jackets or plate armor).

Design detailsEdit

The UAS-2530 is exceptionally well built.  It is built like plate armor over an air-tight suit.  Each plate is made of solid titanium, with a valule ivory slab at its core.  As a result, the full armor set weighs nearly 400 pounds, but is practically impenetrable.  The accompanying helmet has a built-in HUD that highlights heat signatures with a red silhouette, allowing for relatively clear vision through obstructions such as smoke or in dark environments.

The entire armor set is held together by hydraulic joints that work in tandem with the wearer to aid in mobility.  For example, the user moves a limb, and the movement is amplified by the hydraulics.  This lessens the effort required on the user's part, and allows attacks such as punches to be drastically stronger.  It should be noted that the armor recognizes movements by the subtle differences in pressure exerted on the suit's interior, which results in a discrete but still noticable lag between movements.  Essentially, what this means is every amplified movement is delayed by about 0.2 seconds.

Arguably the armor set's most distunguishing feature is its wrist-mounted, electrically-charged whips.  Both whips are made up of finely braded metal wires, and a powerful current is automatically run through them upon activation.  Primarily, this allows victims to be coiled by the whips and then electrocuted with a fatal shock.  As a secondary effect, the current also super-heats the metal whips to upwards of 500 degrees celcius.  Playing off of this, the knuckles and foot and knee pads feature a similar effect; they are super-heated for extra effect.