Compositor refrence

Bismuth Crystals have been proposed as "inspiration" for The Compositor.

The Compositor is an immensely powerful tool of unknown origin.  It was first discovered in the South-Eastern Quardant roughly 6,000 years before the First Omorran-Taik war.

It has become a central symbol is Omorra spirituality, although the true nature and extent of its capabilities is unknown.  As far as anyone can tell, it is the one of its kind in existence.


The Compositor has a rather distinct apperance, manifesting as a transparent, colorless crystalline rock formed into geometrically intricate hoppers (edged spiral).  It is about as durable as common granite rocks; remaining sturdy under pressure, but chipping it enough force is exerted.  It is notably heavy, the baseball-sized stone weighing in at just a little over 8kg.

The Compositor is almost glass-like in appearance.  It is completely transparent, and asside from some distortions thanks to refraction, images can be seen through it with perfect clarity.

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