Taik Interceptors are high-speed, single-pilot, space crafts.  Of all the combat ships in service, none are more well known or so widely feared as the Taik Interceptor.  Built from the ground up to cause as much damage as possible, the ships are fitted with short-ranged guns, and can reach speeds of up to 30% the speed of light (roughly 90 000 kilometers per hour).

They are so effective in combat that they were, for a time, rendered "illegal" for use in wars by the Omorra.  This decisions was made during the human-taik war (which coincided with the second taik-kexs war), and is often credited with being the sole reason humanity was able to regain its foothold.  Without the power of their interceptors, the taik's advance was crippled.

Only two humans are known to have piloted taik interceptors:  Jai Nasir, eventual leader of the Yaksha freedom fighters, and Thomas Farrell, during which he disobeyed orders and nearly got a dishonorable discharge.