Wiki Reiko a

Suzuki Reiko is a primary character in the upcoming web comic 'Lady Mercury'.

Reiko is a 20 year old human of Japanese Earth lineage, grew up as an orphan on the Disposal Site #7431 . Her parents, Suzuki Yori and Tomoko, were both gifted robotic engineers who were trialed for treason and sentenced to a public execution for selling advanced blueprints to an unallied alien species.

Reiko was hidden as a child on the Disposal Site with nothing more than recorded messages from her parents while they were incarsarated. These recordings were filled with vast amounts of information on surviving the harsh land as well as numerous parential advice. With the recordings, she was able to grow up independently and master her parents trade. She was naturally gifted at it and at the age of 13 she was able to create two small assistant droids with built in personalities of her parents.

She speant the rest of her life making repairs around the commiuntity for small fees and attempting to stow away or be hired on the more freindlier visitors of the Disposal Site. Her mechanical skills vary from simple repairs, modifying equipment and weapons, and fully constructed devices from salvaged parts. Her environment also developed a skill in hacking, bypassing security obsticales and picking locks. She has no official combat training, but she manages by creating makeshift weapons, upgrading her assistance droids, and studying the many brawls that occur around her.

Being of a Japanese desent, Reiko has a short and slender figure, whith smooth pale skin , jet black hair, and dark brown eyes. Her sense of style evolved from the numerous night clubs and bars in the area she grew up in. Her personality is best described as eccentric. Due to the trecherous nature of the Disposal Site, she has very little social skills and has a tendency to distance herself from interaction between people. She also has an arsenal of odd habits such as working, sleeping, and eating in zero gravity, not wearing safety gloves while working with electrical equipment, speaking to numerous mechanical parts and tools, and inventing the most outrageous gadgets.