The RAC-22 (Reisser Arms Company Model 2322) was an assault rifle developed by renowned firearms developer, Grant Reisser, at the behest of Gao Industries.  The first of its kind, the RAC-22 was infamous for its use of 6 barrels and caseless ammunition.  It was best known for its extremely fast rate of fire, 3600 rounds per minute.

A devastating weapon, a precise landing of its 18-round burst was always fatal, regardless of cover or body armor.  This led to the weapon commonly being referred to as the, "Grim Reaper." Even before its design was complete, the weapon was internationally banned due to its terrifying nature.  Despite the ban, the RAC-22 entered mass production at the start of the Gao Civil War.  Other variations, notably the RAC-40C, remain in production.