Matualus (pronounces MAH-TOO-AH-LUS) is an honorific used to describe extremely powerful or influential Omorran individuals.  Typically, those with the title are political figures or spiritual leaders, although they are not limited to such.  Nonetheless, Matualus is one of the highest honorific titles an Omorra can hold, and such individuals demand great deals of respect from others.

It is generally -and erroneously- believed that Matualus is a form of rank or title (such as "president").  The term is more akin to an honorary name (such as the Japanese "Sama" suffix).  It is considered a tremendous insult to leave out such honorofics when conversing with an Omorra, and this is especially the case with Matualus.


Matualus is derived from the ancient Omorran phrase Mata Tau Alus, which means, "I bear my Name's burden."  The phrase refers to the old Omorran belief that the soul manifests as one's name, and that spiritual, economic, and political power are direct results of the strength in one's name.  This ties into the Omorran naming system, in which gaining social status adds completxity to one's name, in a sense making it "more powerful".  The phrase Mata Tau Alus can be more litreally interpreted as, "I accept the responsibilities that my Name implies."  In any case, the phrase was widely used, mostly as a ceremonial saying.

Over time, the phrase was condensed into a single word: Matualus, and its usage was altered drastically.  In modern times, it is used to refer to an extremely powerful individual.  It is used exclusively by the Omorra, and any other race that uses it is often subjected to harsh punishment.  It is one of the highest titles an Omorra can hold.  The only honorific that is superior is Txitalus-Findir-Aea, which is gained posthumously

Notable Omorra with the Matualus honorificEdit

  • Matualus Kaikvi  Samentea - Politician, and current overseer of the Compositor.
  • Damemata Matualus Kaikvi Theonos - Renowned military strategist, and Omorran representative of the HOA.
  • Txitalus-Findir-Aea Pantakde Hadamemata Matualus Dewa Ruhanetyo - Matron of Dewa Patho, one of the oldest and most wide-spread religions in Omorran history.