Concept sketch for Logan

Logan is a primary character in the upcoming webcomic Lady Mercury.

Logan is a 17 year-old engineer aboard the ship, being the youngest son of Thomas and the younger brother of Arthur.


Logan was born October 25th, almost two years before his mother passed away. Until he was 14, he was in the care of his older brother most of the time while their father, Thomas tried to find work in an already crumbling economy, moving from colony to colony until the Lady Mercury fell into their hands.

As he grew up, he was often found tinkering with the ship's system and engines, which eventually led him to the role of engineer.


Although kind-hearted and dedicated, Logan is loud and naive for a number of reasons. From the time they found the ship to the time when he turned 17, he always felt jealousy towards his older brother for going out on missions along with other members of the crew. When he finally came to age when he could go with them, his headstrong attitude would usually lands them into trouble.

He is eager to prove himself to his father and older brother, but sometimes tries to play hero. Despite his flaws, he has great potential, but needs time for it to flourish.


Logan doesn't have any combat attire, but carries a military-issue pistol with him. Like his father and brother, he is also willing to use whatever else is at his disposal for self-defense.