Lofosa Le'Gan is the Medic of the Lady Mercury . He is a primary character in the upcoming web comic 'Lady Mercury'.  

He is a 25 year old Kexs.


Lofosa was born and raised on the Kexs homeworld Daruuk, and while growing up he had to deal with the preassure of whose gigantic shoes he'd have to fill.This was because his father, Fatu Le'Gan, was a gifted and highly respected hunter, and his mother, Tagani Le'Gan, was an equally talented and twice as respected witch doctor.

Lofosa was considered a unique child, not just for his parents reputation, but because he was born with abnormally long quills, even by the hunters standards. This excited his father and he immediately began training his son at a young age. During his training however it was also discovered that Lofosa was born with near-sighted vision, which was a rare and crippling trait for a Kexs. Unable to fufill his fathers wishes, he went to his mother for education to become a witch doctor like her. Through time he discovered that he had great talent for medicine, but he questioned alot of the traditions; and when the time came to give up his sight entirely, Lofoosa refused to go through with it.

Unable to succeed in both of his parents professions, Lofosa decided that it was time to leave his homeworld. He over heard that an H.O.A. transport vessle, named the SS. Warshaw, was docked and offering free passage for anyone willing leave. Despite his parents opposition, Lofosa packed whatever supplies he needed and left for the ship. Suspicious of the human vessle, Fatu snuck aboard and discovered that the ship was actually a slaver ship that had kidnapped a number of people from numerous planets. After learning this, Fatu confronted his son and tried to prevent him from boarding, revealing the ships true purpose. For this, Fatu was gunned down right in front of his son by two crewmates, and Lofosa was forced into their cargo bay.

With his medical training, Lofosa managed to keep himself and most of his fellow captives alive and healthy, until they were all rescued by a half-bred officer by then name of Jennifer Ka'leck. The two formed a deep friendship and went into hiding from the law.

After a few months Jennifer met up with a charming young pilot by the name of Arthur Farrell, who offered them both a position on his pirate vessle. Tired of being outcasts and fugitives, the two accepted and joined the crew of the Lady Mercury.


Well spoken, well mannered, and well educated. Lofosa is a calm and collective individual who manages to keep a clear head no matter the situation. This dose not neccisary mean that he is emotionless, he is just not the type of person to allow his personal feelings to interfere with his work.