The Lady Mercury is the titular spaceship from the comic of the same name.  It is run primarily by Thomas Farrell and his sons.  The ship's crew is known to constantly change, and members rarely stay for more than one Earth Year.

The current crew consists of:

  • [[Arthur Farrell] (Pilot)
  • Suzuki Reiko (Replaces Logan as engineer & helps Lofosa with cooking)
  • Dopheruq Orog ("Heavy lifter" - transports large cargo to/from the ship & "Heavy hitter" - can run through walls)
  • Cinnamon (Unoffically in charge of security & professional cat).


Originally, the Lady Mercury was stationed on the planet Mercury in the Sol System (hence the ship's name).  It served as a harvest and transport vessel, gathering larges amounts of iron and magnesium siliphates (both of which are rich in the planet's crust) and then transporting them throughout the star system.  At this time, the vessel was considerably smaller, containing living quarters the size of an apartment and housing a crew of just three.  Such ships commonly operated in solitude, which made them relatively easy targets for pirates and marauders (provided they wait until the ships were docked).  This fate would eventually befall the Lady Mercury.

While on a routine transport to the colony, Janus, the ship was commandeered by Thomas Farrell and his sons, who were seeking a way off the colony at the time.  Due to the lack of any real security, taking the ship was reportedly, "as simple as stealing a car - a really big car."  The original crew was away, and did not know their ship was stolen until they returned to the docks several hours later, at which point the vessel was already long gone.

Over time, the new crew modified the Lady Mercury extensively.  The orignal engines were replaced entirely, the new ones being twice as large, but 12 times faster.  The Alcubierre Drive was updated, with a new top speed of 20x the speed of light.  Most of the cargo area was modified into living quarters.  An on-board shuttle was added that could send the crew to a planet's surface, if need be.  A number of weapons were added, including a MK 56A1 Wendigo.  The new vessel was three times larger, could potentially house a crew of nine, was far more maneuverable, and could hold its own in a battle.