The Kaikvi Lineage (also known as the Kaikvi Bloodline) is an extremely powerful Omorran family tree.  Although young when compared to its peers, the Kaikvi Lineage is one of the most influential, at least within with South-Eastern Quadrant (Omorran space).  Matualus Kaikvi Samentea is the current leader of the lineage, having succeeded her mother.  So far there is no appointed heiress to the lineage, and Samentea does not have children of her own.

Some time before the events of Lady Mercury, the Kaikvi Lineage was chosen as The Compositor's bearer by Omorran spiritual leaders on Shakaia.  It is believed that Samentea herself is in posession of the Compositor, although its true whereabouts are known only to her lineage.

Despite its importance as bearer of the Compositor, the Kaikvi Lineage is generally disliked by other Omorran bloodlines, largely because of how quickly it is gaining power - faster than any other lineage in recent history.