"Do you believe in the Devil?"

- Underground weapons dealer, referring to camaje.

Camaje, also known by its human nickname, Igneus, is a highly toxic, naturally occuring protein that is extracted from the venonmous Kofala plants native to Deruuk.  When concentrated, camaje causes cells to rapidly die (necrosis).  Victims of camaje poisoning exhibit debilitating pain said to be similar to being burned by fire (hence the nickname "Igneus", which means "burning").  Shock often takes place after mere seconds of exposure, with death following hours later.  There is no known antidote, and medical procedures to repair damaged tissue have been entirely ineffective. Camaje's most notable use was at near the conclusion of the Kexs-Taik war, in which it was used in large quantities to repel Taik invaders with frightening effeciency.  Camaje is officially listed as a biochemical weapon of mass destruction, and the growing of Kofala plants is carefully monitored.


Camaje is an oil that is excreted from rare Kofala plants, which are found primarily in Deruuk's dense jungles.  The plants use it as a defense mechanism, and only excretes a small amount over the course of its life.  In these minute doses, camaje is not fatal, but will still cause an intense burning sensation and cellular death.

In order to obtain lethal amounts, large growing areas need to be constructed, and the oils must be extracted over a course of several months.

Camaje is a rust-colored, viscul oil.  Its odor and taste are faintly metallic.  It remains stable at room temperature, but will quickly change to vapor at just 60 degrees Celcius.  Its iconic burning senseation is created by causing actual damage to cells.  It will stick to an area for days at a time, causing continuous pain until it is washed off.


Camaje is not commonly used, largely because it is difficult to obtain, and because it has few practical uses that aren't military-based.  Even then, it is notorious for causing collateral damage.

Its first and only major use was during the Kexs-Taik war, in which copious of it were harvested and concentrated.  It was dispursed as a gas during the Battle of Gimido, and was able to effortlessly repel Taik attackers.  Beyond this, its only other major use was during the failed assassination attempt on Samentea, in which it was smuggled into the hands of Tabitha Nasir and used to kill several HOA guards.

Outside of these instances, it has occassionally been used in several small conflicts such as the Second Dominion War on Keerat.